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The Qples
Affiliate Program

Scale your coupon marketing
with just one click.

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Watch in Action

With our vast network of affiliates, reach more customers online and promote your brand without leaving the Qples platform and for no extra cost.

What's in it For You? We're Glad You Asked...

  • Marketing Made Easy

  • Higher Conversion Rates

  • Reach New Audiences

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Marketing Made Easy

Qples makes it simple for CPG brands and companies to get involved in affiliate marketing. You won't have to allocate extra time towards managing your offers and affiliates. We have carefully selected a group of high-traffic websites and apps we know consumers use when deciding what products to buy. All you need to do is select which coupons you'd like to incorporate into the program, and we'll do the rest.

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Higher Conversion Rates

Our program is designed specifically for CPG brands and companies whose sales happen primarily in store. We work with our affiliates using coupons to guarantee higher conversion rates.


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Reach New Audiences

Why wait a year before you can grow your online presence and drive more customers in-store? The Qples Affiliate Program gives brands access to an instantaneous audience of limitless potential. Our affiliate partnerships help brands jump-start coupon campaigns by giving them the power they need for maximum exposure.


Why CPG Brands are Doubling Down on Coupons & Affiliate Marketing

If you're a retailer or a marketing agency, discover why brands are doubling down on coupons and affiliate marketing. Featuring President of Qples, Eddy Watson and CEO of CouponSurfer Inc., Adam Schwartz.

Ready to Get Started?

Coupons are one of the most effective tools for CPG marketing, and we're excited to offer our customers the ability to scale it.