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Frequently Asked Questions

 Have a question? We're here to help you solve all your coupon problems.

What is a Universal Digital Coupon?

A Universal digital coupon is the new standard in couponing. It allows for a coupon to be redeemed by scanning their phone at the register.

What is the security like for a Universal Digital Coupon?

The security is much higher than any coupon before. Each coupon is unique and verified at scan. Once it is redeemed that coupon cannot be used again.

Where can I redeem a Universal Digital Coupon?

Universal Digital Coupons are being integrated now with retailers. You can go here to see a list of the available retailers.


What are the first steps for hosting a Universal Digital Coupon?

The best thing is to contact the team at Qples.

What is the best channel to send out new digital coupons?

This really depends on your individual goals as a brand. A Qples coupon can be delivered in an almost unlimited amount of places. The most common ways are on your website, inside social media, Email, Text, inside the Grocery Coupon Network website, or even on packaging. Reach out to your Qples rep to help you answer any questions about how and where you should place your coupons.

How can a consumer redeem multiple coupons?

If it is a printed coupon then they would need to print all the coupons they have and bring them into the retailer ignorer to redeem them. If it is a digital coupon then they can combine all the coupons into one barcode and scan once at the retailer to redeem them.

How do I connect my Qples account to the coupon bureau?

That is easy, once you have created your Coupon Bureau account you will just need to click on "Master Offer Files” in the left hand menu. Then you will be able to sync your Coupon Bureau account by logging in.

Does using Qples affect my existing relationship with my clearinghouse?

Absolutely not. Your relationship with your clearinghouse should not change at all.

What is Qples gallery function?

The gallery allows you to easily display multiple coupons on any webpage. The user can select one or multiple coupons to print or clip digitally depending on the coupon type.

Is there any cost to retailers to accept 8112 coupons?

No. 8112 Coupons follow the same pricing model as all other manufacturer coupons.

Is Qples platform brand funded?


Do I need anything special to use wallet passes for coupons?

No. Wallet passes are integrated into the platform as an option for consumers. If they have a smartphone then they're capable of adding your coupon to their wallet.

Is redemption different if a customer is using the GCN app, a mobile wallet, or a printed coupon?

Nope! Any of these options will allow you to present the barcode and redeem the coupon. However, the GCN app is the only way for you to bundle the coupons together into one barcode.

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