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GCN is the ultimate place for coupon lovers to discover new products and find deals on brands they love. Brand Boosters put your brand in the spotlight and promote your products to 300,000+ users via coupon marketing, recipes, and giveaways.

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Get your brand seen on one of the fastest-growing grocery coupon websites with over 300,000 shoppers.  

Connect With Couponers 

The magic of GCN is that we connect brands with their next best customer. On GCN, couponers browse for new and exciting grocery brands daily. Get your coupons listed on GCN and get seen by your ideal customer base. 

Unreal Analytics

Get unprecedented insights into your couponing customer base, track campaign performance, and measure your ROI with our analytics reports. Get the data you need to make smarter business decisions.

Your Brand. Center Stage. 

We know ad placement is everything, that's why we put your brand at the forefront of GCN. Be the first brand to be seen by our shoppers on social media, the GCN website, and our newsletter and see a noticeable lift in sales. 

Managed Marketing 

Sit back and relax while our marketing team does everything. From creating your coupon to promoting your brand through our social media, newsletter, GCN website, and giveaways, our campaign experts have got you covered.
Brand Boosters

Brand Booster Package


Get the boost you need and drive your brand awareness, sales, and loyalty into high gear. 

  • 2000 Coupon Prints
  • Featured Brand on GCN site
  • Newsletter Feature to 230k+ subscribers
  • Browser Push Notification to 40k subscribers
  • Featured Recipe
  • Boosted Social Post to 120k+ Subscribers
  • Sponsored Giveaway
  • Campaign Reporting & Metrics
  • Branded Email Blast
A La Carte

Branded Email Blast


Sponsored Giveaway


Boosted Social Post


*À la carte items must include a coupon, promo code, or giveaway.

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