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The Qples Platform

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The Qples Platform has been redesigned with even more control and capabilities than ever before. We took the easiest coupon platform and  made it easier.

Qples platform

How it Works

1. Enter Your Offer Details

Create your offer using the easiest coupon/promotion builder in the world, you can be ready to go in minutes! Completely customize your coupon right in the builder:

    • Offer amount
    • Campaign dates
    • # of coupons
    • Expiration date
Qples platform, build your coupon

2. Load Your Images

Build any coupon with a product image and a logo. No need to spend days cropping and resizing dozens of images. We built our system to make things easy not difficult!

Qples platform, load your images

3. Pick Your Audience

Use your audience, the Qples audience, or both, and make sure your coupon goes where you want it by distributing through:
    • Website
    • Social media
    • Text message
    • Email campaign
    • Display & video
    • Packaging
    • Print
    • Influencers
Qples platform, distribute your coupon

4. Track Your Audience

Get more out of your coupon by utilizing our custom insights to monitor your coupons in real-time!

    • Location data
    • Print data
    • 3rd party tracking - tracking Pixels, Google Analytics etc...
    • Custom forms and surveys
Qples platform, track your audience

Qples Demo

Understand the Qples platform and all its benefits in 1.5 minutes and see how easy it is to build and deliver the new AI 8112 Universal Digital coupons right to consumers.

Additional Features

Hand holding paper with printed coupons

Coupon Add-Ons

Create custom form fills for additional consumer data. Age gate and geo gate coupons. Add bottom of the page marketing (Print@Home only). Plug into one of our third-party integrations.

Qples platform showing live campaigns

Live Updates

Pause, modify and pivot campaigns instantly, even once they're live. Stay on top of emerging trends, no matter how fast they change.

Analytics shown in Qples dashboard

Detailed Analytics

See where your brand is selling the most with heat maps and create geo marketing strategies. Track unique users and new customers.

Hand holding printed coupon and phone with digital coupon

Dual Offer

Upgrade your coupon to include 2 ways for consumers to redeem it and give them the power to choose! Add an 8110 Print@Home and an 8112 Universal Digital offer on one coupon.

Qples platforms showing calendar


Easily build your coupon schedule for the entire year to make planning a breeze, with our scheduling feature.

Qples platform showing custom galleries

Custom Galleries

Design your gallery and display more than one coupon. Then copy the code to your website. Once it's live, you can push coupons directly to your website without any coding required.

What are 8112 Coupons?

Watch through the playlist to learn more about 8112 coupons. Brandi Johnson from The Coupon Bureau discusses:

  • Current coupon challenges
  • The benefits for retailers, consumers, and CPG's
  • What The Coupon Bureau is and who has adopted the service
  • How The Coupon Bureau end to end process works

8112 Coupons for Agencies & CPG's

Watch through the playlist to learn about how 8112 coupons work for agencies and CPG's and see a live demo of the Qples platform. Eddy Watson, President of Qples by Fobi discusses:

  • What makes universal digital coupons different
  • Why make the change to 8112
  • What the consumer journey looks like when using Qples's coupons
  • How the Qples platform works

8112 Coupons for Retailers

Watch through the playlist to learn about how 8112 coupons work for retailers. See how they integrate with Fobi and Wallet passes. Mike Canevaro, SVP of Business Development of Fobi, and Eddy Watson, President of Qples by Fobi discuss:

  • Fobi's analytics and insights for retailers
  • How Qples helps retailers
  • Combining 8112 coupons with Fobi's wallet passes 
  • Receipt marketing with 8112 coupons

Even More Reasons To Get Excited

Sync your Mailchimp acount and make sure only your subscribers can print your coupon.


Want to sync your coupon with an outside database? No problem, our user restriction API has you covered.

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