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Simple and flexible. You can easily enhance any coupon with a host of unique features at any time.

Completely Secure

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Each offer is serialized on delivery to the consumer and verified on scan at the retailer.

Centralized Database

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Each offer and coupon issued is registered in the database of The Coupon Bureau.

Redemption Metrics

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Redemption information comes back in near real-time to Qples and the client clearinghouse at the same time.

Mobile Ready


Can easily be redeemed on a mobile device by presenting it to the cashier to scan.

Age Gating


Limit consumers who can access your offer by age. Great for Alcohol, Pharmaceutical, & Tobacco coupons.

Coupon Bundling

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Save time with the first-ever barcode bundling. Easily combine all your coupons into one barcode to scan at check out.

Fully Integrated With
The Coupon Bureau

The Coupon Bureau is a non-profit, industry managed, centralized data exchange connecting all stakeholders to the new Universal Digital Coupon positive offer file. The Coupon Bureau's mission is to collaborate with industry partners and accelerators to connect manufacturers, retailers, and consumers with new and improved coupon offerings that are accurate, secure, and delight consumers.


Choose How Customers Find Your Coupons

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